So today we got the news from Pastre that we might have to redo our deck frames for the cleaning area. This is a possibility because the way our joist are running now does not support the loads of the deck. So now we are getting in touch with John Moore to find out if adding some more foundations in the middle of the deck will fix our problem. If so it will add on three more foundations that we will need. But we will fix this problem for the final set of drawings. The foundations that would be ideal are diamond pier foundations which are kind of on the pricey side but we are looking in to maybe getting them at a deduced rate or possibly trying to make something similar along same the lines by using 5 gallon buckets and pouring a cast. We are going to look into the price difference and which way  we think will turn out the best. Last but not least is the metal flat bars that we are using to connect the walls to the beams are causing some issues. With how the walls are framed now it would put two holes straight up and down from each other in the metal and wood. This could be problematic in losing some of the integrity  of the wood but since the holes are roughly 4 inches apart we are thinking it might be ok as long as we stagger the bolts going into the beam above. So we now await to hear from our good friend John Moore as to what he thinks would be our best option. For tonight we broke up some tasks and are taking a break from manual labor for the night. With all this up in the air and the uncertainty we decided it was best to help clear our minds and catch up on some other classes as well. But the next two days are extremely important. We need to get a good amount of work done so that on Monday we will be able to split into groups; one going to survey and stalk out where we think this shed would be best situated and the other group to stay back and work hard on the shed.


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