How much wood would a woodshop shop


Despite a few small setbacks, Studio V is making progress on the GAP shed. All of our time is being spent in the shop. Today we continued to work on the cooler room as well as the decks. We finished exterior plywood sheathing for the cool room, insulated the walls and roof, and added some of the interior plywood. The entire cool room will be completed at the shop, and then transported as one unit to the site. We will have to use a forklift or tractor to lift it, because it is very heavy. By making the room as one unit, this will allow us to create tight connections between the walls, floor, and roof to minimize heat loss.


After pulling many nails and reconnecting pieces more tightly, the deck framing is finally correct. We began sheathing at the very end of the evening, but still have a long way to go.

Elppa has been continuously drilling holes into steel for the past two days. She is creating the pieces that will connect our roof beam to the walls, and our trusses to the supporting beam.  These steel pieces are very important. Nearly all of our major on-site connections will be bolted through them.


Studio V is realizing as we work that everything will take twice as long as we expect. Because we are inexperienced builders, getting things right the first time is not going to happen. It is definitely a learning process, and a very time-consuming one.

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