Final Conceptual Review


Though we have presented our final concept, we still have a long road to an efficient GAP shed ahead of us.  All of our ideas, conceptual strategies, and modular implications have been laid out, now everything needs to be ironed out.  We have already addressed possible design solutions during our review discussion, many thanks to those who attended (we had a great crowd today!)  Working in conjunction with the size of our shed, our major problem is budget and efficiency.  We are working into creating a longer length of floor space in the cleaning area by extending the deck out, and possibly removing the concept of the dogtrot since there is now direct access from field into cleaning.   Also, it is now very important to simplify, and to simplify as a means to cut down on cost.  A very good way of doing this, which we personally are excited about, is salvaging materials, doors, and other construction/aesthetic components.  This would not only give great appeal to our GAP shed, but it will eliminate high costs of certain building components to things like our barn door track system.

photo 2

We will be back full-force Monday to ease into another phase of our project design.  As we are very concerned with constructability, we will begin to produce mock-ups, source materials, and begin construction documents to see how our shed will actually be constructed.  Wednesday we will meet with John Moore, a structural engineer who the CAC.C Studio V has teamed up with in years passed to discuss all things in the structural realm of our project.

We will stay very busy until our next review on Friday, March 15th, so get ready.  It’s about to get real technical up in here.

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