Transitioning: Down to the Details

This weekend, Studio V had a much needed break to catch up on some other class work. Now we are back, rested and ready to tackle the details of our GAP Shed. The goal of the next couple weeks is to understand and document exactly how we will construct the building, every material and every connection. This is a daunting task for many of us.


We are all familiar with conceptual design phase of research, drawings, and model-making. In a typical architecture design studio, students propose large and beautiful buildings. We present our ideas in glossy images and inspiring words. But, there is rarely enough time in a semester to analyze the details of that building. Therefore, sometimes the things we design in school are beautiful on paper, but unrealistic and unbuildable in real life.


Transitioning from the conceptual to the real is a challenge. This is what makes a design-build studio so unique. Between the 7 of us, there is very little construction experience. We have never poured a foundation, framed a roof, or installed plumbing. There is so much to learn! I look forward to the challenge of making this design a reality.


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