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After completing our second review today, we are officially on the fast track to a more finalized conceptual design for the GAP shed project.  All seven of the individual conceptual designs contained important and inspirational elements that will greatly benefit the overall design.  Ships ports, Heidegger’s Thinking on Architecture, modular components, and even dogtrots were some of the key conceptual generators for today’s review.

Design and its process is officially running the show in Studio V right now, and we cannot wait to see where the next component of this project will take us.  We have just kicked off further in-depth conceptual designs broken up in two groupings of students:  Group Ma and Group Modular.  These two groups are based off of our individual designs and how they relate to one another.  Group Ma, a Japanese term, is exploring space and the simultaneous awareness of form/non-form through the developments of organizational patterns found throughout a GAP shed and how its systems and components interconnect (or do not interconnect).  Group Modular is based more on the modularity of systems that can be incorporated in to the shed and how they can be expanded upon to create key components for our structure.

Our designs are still limitless; however, now is the time for us to really focus on what is efficient and realistic, yet iconic as well.  This next chapter of Studio V’s two conceptual design strategies will lead us in to the next review that is only nine days away.  It will be here fast… so bring it!

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