Team Modular

Today marked the first day of working in teams for the design of the GAP shed.  I am working with John and Elppa on “Team Modular.” Our concept is to create a flexible, expandable structure with modular units or panels. Modular design is based on similar, repeated units that make up a whole. These units are designed with standard dimensions and patterns of assembly. The benefits of modular design are easy assembly, disassembly, and repair; as well as flexible arrangements. This flexibility could allow farmers to build a shed that is customized specifically for their needs. For example, a one-acre farmer may only need a cooler and one washing station, while a 5-acre farmer needs cooler, tool storage, and 2 washing stations.

Defining how the modular units are connected is crucial to our design. Today we met to discuss ways in which modular pieces can be connected. We talked about interlocking pieces, bolted joints, connecting devices, and corner conditions.

For the next few weeks of design, collaboration is key. We will have to work together as two teams, then as one. It will take a large effort from every team member in order to arrive at the best design solution possible.


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