While John,  Nicole and Elppa work together as “Team Modular”,  Ashly, Stacie, Yuxiang and me work as a team. Our Team has a much more awesome name, It is “MA”. “MA” is a Japanese word which can be roughly translated as “gap”, “space”, “pause” or “the space between two structural parts.”  Well, In China, we call this concept “間(jian)”.  So, basically we will focus on the space.

For me it is a little confused to working with my teammates, because my concept is mainly based on a fact that the cool storage is on wheel. And only me view the cool storage as a cool truck. So I don’t know how to cooperate my concept with other guys, I mean, their concepts are also great, like the dogtrot, the show, the circulation, but I still hope I can keep my original concept. I was trying to change my floor plan to adjust it with other guys in my team, but it turns out to be not as good as we hope. So after I struggled this whole afternoon, I decide to try something new to see how to keep my original concept while combine everyone’s concept. Hopefully I can figure that out.

Anyway, I like what Pastre said this afternoon, we are suppose to have fun on design, so HAVE FUN, EVERYONE!

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