Teamwork Together

Individual Design Presentation-It was a market of ideas. I focused on creating green space, linking three components function separately, which also bring landscape close to people in the shed. However, My design had been thought as being romantic rather than reality. I feel like I still got a lot to learn from the studio design and built. I also like Ashley’s dogtrot , and Nicole’s Modular is convincing.

Team Modular-It surprised me a little bit when Pastre assigned me into the Team Modular. Modular is always a cool concept. High feasibility, least material, multiple combination, easy to construct, easy to expand, those are signature characteristics attract customers. Thinking in different ways made our team interesting.

Brainstorm-Pastre recommended us an effective way for teamwork approaching one goal, which is awesome. 30 minutes working apart, then get back together to review each one’s work, then critic and learn from each other. To repeat this process, three individuals moved forward as one.

Breakthrough-We really gain a tons of fun while we were modifying our design together on the balcony, enjoying the best west sunshine I’ve ever had. It is really a pleased collaboration.

The Poetry of Space– We made our shed as a shell, we create a poetry space which contains a range of motion. “Rooms and houses are psychological diagrams, Bachelard theorizes, used by poets to analyze intimacy.” I regard those farmers as poets, they create possibilities in the shed.

Environmental System-I also did a rough estimation about Heat Gain& Heat Loss of Cold Room during a year period. It is a website developed at MIT. The first comparison diagram shows the different amount of energy needed as I vary a parameter of insulation (High-Medium-Low-Concrete slab floor). Optimize the insulation is necessary based on that. The second one is just broken down the general data of Heat Gain& Heat Loss by month, during summer time, we could have sliding door as shelter to reduce the heat gain.



Blog– It’s been 3 times for me writing posts on not-a-studio day. It is so nice reading  CACC.STUDIOV blog. We do share the mood and update the progress of the project along the way! It’s like a slow motion movie, and we are enjoying while we are making.




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