Mid-Week Critique

Today we continued working in our two groups on our designs for the GAP Shed.  Like others said earlier, my group with Nicole and Elppa are working towards a more modular design, whereas the others are focusing on a design more focused on the experiences in the shed.  Halfway through the studio, both groups met with David and Ray so we could critique each others’ designs.  Its about halfway until the review, so this critique was more than welcome to make sure we are on track.


I felt we received a lot of good feedback today.  Im confident that we are on the right track, but Ray had some good advice in terms of better ways to make our design modular.  Where we were originally thinking of modularity in terms of panels, he thought it might be better to actually just be able to move the whole structure (or half) already built by truck.  Although this is a different way of thinking, our design is grided enough that this could definitely work.  We actually had been thinking about our design in that way earlier too, so it won’t be too big of a change.

Since the shed is split up into different components, right now we are thinking that we will construct the cooler, storage, and office space all as one unit, even with a floor.  This would be an 8 foot by 16 foot plan, so it definitely would be able to be transported by a flat bed truck.  The remaining parts would include the floor system for the cleaning area, remaining structure, door panels, counter space, and some other smaller miscellaneous items.  These all could definitely be moved in one trip though, meaning moving the entire structure would only take two trips!  All of the parts would just be laid on a couple of sleepers sitting on footings in the ground.  I  believe this would be very beneficial to the migrant farmer’s needs, as well as being a very pleasant place to work in!  We will continue working this weekend, and I hope to have made much progress by Monday, and eventually for the review on Wednesday.


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