Don’t Tread on the Shed

photo 4

Everyone! Wipe your feet!  The floors are undergoing the hose and squeegy treatment, so you know this means we are nearing the end.  Though there are more items on the list to be constructed and installed, it is finally getting to the point where we are taking care of details and “cleaning shop” around the shed.  With the completion of our beautiful, shiny roof, we have moved on from the last and largest installation unit within the scope of our GAP shed, and we have begun to work with everything that is lime green.  These bright elements will not only provide for and eye-catching experience, but will also display particular importance to the GAP shed and its requirements.  I will be happy to tell you to keep a look out for the counter railings, the sink structure, the stairs, and the cooler door, but they will be hard to miss!

Even the raccoons are drawn to our progress over the past week on site (yes, we have done all of this over the course of one week)!  Is it the lime green?  Or perhaps they happen to agree with our lovely exterior and interior paint color choice of raccoon fur?  You decide!

photo (3)

Even Pastre cannot get enough of our POP! of color.  He only wishes he could keep the shark fin… it adds zest.

photo 1

But what of our final review, you ask?

Originally, as most may know, we were to have our final review today; however, the scope of our project has pushed the final review to Monday.  It will be extremely beneficial for us to have this weekend to work on the finalities of our project, many being the logo, sink structure, door installation, steps, caulking, and a final paint job.  The list seems long, but we are certain to have the job done by Monday, revealing the end product of much hard work and determination seen throughout our fruitful semester at the CAC.C.

We are very much anticipating the showing of Sweetgrass Gardens’ GAP shed on Monday.  Are you ready to be amazed?

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