A dream

Today is an extremely exciting day. We finally finish the drainage system and received donation of gravel from a landscape firm. Thank you for all seasons. One day, I told my parents that we designed and built a drainage system for our GAP shed project. They thought a few seconds and said you achieved your dream. I was very curiosity about it, my dream? And then, they told me that when I was a little kid, I was very excited at digging and drainage. At that time, even they brought me to park, I still focused on some of construction site on the road. And I would like to be a plumber in future. Fine, it was a part of my dream.

Let us talk about our project. We changed a little bit of our design, the water collection hold has been mirrored to the west side. Although the building process almost followed our documentation, we met some puzzles. In our design, the trenches should have 2% slope for running water, however, when you dig them you hardly find out a reference to figure out the precise slope. We have to dig them just by our feeling and adjusted them with lever. The whole process took us a long time than our documentation. Other challenge is the underground water. It is unbelievable, the water is so shallow, which is just around 18 inches. A part of our trenches was always full of ground water. As we known, the wet diet is not easy to move out. We had to create a lot of “dam” in our trenches when we attempted to delivery diet from them. Finally, we finished them. I hope we could finish all of work in this weekend and have an impressive presentation on the coming Monday.


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