The Roof The Roof is……ALMOST DONE!


So today was a big day! All the trusses and perlins got attached along with a couple of pieces of the corrugated metal roofing. While this was happening on site today Ashley and I stayed behind at the shop to do some more painting. We finished putting all the trim pieces together and laid out everything that needed to be painted then it was time for the big reveal. It was time to open up the can of paint to be our accent color. It is LIME GREEN! We picked out the color a little while ago but on the color swatch it was a littler deeper green than the bright bright lime green that we received. Hopefully once it dried/ gets a second coat on it will darken up a little bit. As far as what we plan to paint, this lovely green,goes there are the railings, the step, possibly the sliding doors and the door to the cooler. We painted the railings today! I have helped paint everything and up to this morning the only part that was a little unpleasant would be the block pieces in the tool storage. But the railings are the worse! I have come to find out that I despise oil based paint and all the little parts of the railing pieces which choose to test my patience today. Finally once me and Ashley got to the site we got the next lovely job of getting the gravel. This wasn’t to bad except the time crunch All Seasons wanted us to make all loads in the same day which gave us an hour to get all three loads of gravel. We did it but at first it did not seem as if we were going to be able to. So tomorrow its on to more gravel, painting, roof, and starting sink tables and doors.  Time to divide and conquer.016

What do you do when you buy the same color and they don’t match??? mix them up and pour the fukker one iinto the smaller one then repeat until all is well. Little bit I learned today.


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