Beams Up! Roof Ahead!





Today was an extremely productive day.  We all met at 8:30 in the morning, loaded up the trailer with the roof purlins, and split up.  Pastre and Elppa went to Lowes to pick up the metal corrugated roofing, and the rest went to the site.  All we needed to do was put the last wall up (which went up without problem) and we were able to start the beams and roof.  The picture below shows one o the beams with the angle brackets attached to it.  These brackets will be the connection joints between the beam and the trusses.


With some help from Isaac and Marvin,we hoisted the beams to the tops of the walls as seen in the picture below.  The tricky part was lining the up the metal plates extending from the walls with the pockets we created in the beams for them.  This whole process went very smoothly though without any bumps.  You can see Pastre and myself lining one of the beams up in the picture below.  Although it looks like I’m standing on nothing, the cooler ceiling is below me.  You could say I took the easier side and let Pastre handle the tougher end.



All of that was finished before lunch.  After a break for history/theory and the ITC class, we started loading the trusses up on top of the beams.  This is a bit of a process, as we have to line up the truss to make sure it is centered on the beams, and then we must pre-drill holes through the angle brackets into the trusses, and finally we add bolts to tie the two together.  We were able to complete 5 today, meaning we have about 10 remaining.



We hope to be done with the trusses and the purlins by lunch tomorrow.  If we can get this done (and put the corrugated metal on afterwards), pretty much all of the structural components will be completed, and we will be focusing on details such as paint, the railing, doors, and the sinks.

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