It is coming together!

ON Site-For this long weekend, Studio Vs keep working on site, Sweetgrass Farm. I am pretty sure that this experience would be my unique memory as a treasure. We had barbecue and nap there with cocks crowing and dogs barking.IMG_4629

Foundation-Making sure of laying foundations on the right position and level is not easy.


Deck-We had Studio U coming to the farm helping us to set down two super heavy decks. It is such a spectacular view under the bottom of deck. We bolted them together from underneath when they were sitting on 3 benches temporary. There is no bugs here!!!IMG_4591

Walls-Nothing amazed me more than putting up the walls. It is so-called transformation from plans into 3-D.IMG_4556

Beams-We painted beams with pristine white, and attached with black steel angles. Today, we supposed to set them on, however, it takes longer time to putting up those walls than what we thought, “Come On John!”~”Come on Everybody!” We are close!!!

Bug-bites-We armed with spray, while bugs armed with the power of unity. The weather was pretty in past few days, however, around 5 p.m., bugs and flies appeared from nowhere, and became excited about us. Countless bugs together just made us out of breathe. Probably that is the most annoying part. And, apparently, they just loved exotic people more.IMG_4611

Review-We usually have virtual renderings on our final review boards showing our building under sunshine in any other studio, however, this is not the case in Studio V! We really build our GAP she up on site! I just cannot help imagining that sense of achievement when This FRIDAY our review coming. Everybody can enjoy walking in the sort of open space and feel free to touch every pieces of material in our shed. Because it will be already there!IMG_0494

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  1. I love reading your posts. I can feel your excitement and can see your pride in your smiles. Congratulations and good luck tomorrow (Friday) with your review.

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