Today is an exciting day! We finally start to work on site instead of working in our work shop! In this morning, Henry, who is from Hughes Lumber, help us move the decks and our trusses to the Sweetgrass Garden.

This afternoon, we take our first step to build on site. We start with our foundation. We set our concrete pieces several days ago, and Elppa and me cut the metal pipe, and John made the caps last night. So we are good to go. First of all, we measure the height of our site, and then we start to dig a big hole on our site, so that our concrete can sit in. Secondly, we put the concrete into the hole, and to make sure the top of the concrete block is about three inch higher than the ground. Finally we put the metal pipes into the concrete. And make the pipe go all the way in to the ground. Thus, the foundation is settled.照片 2013-04-13 00.40.27

照片 2013-04-13 00.40.18

When we want all the pipes goes into the ground, we had a big issue. Our Bite broken down. So we need to figure that out tomorrow. Oh, and I have to complain about all the bugs, they are annoying. They just keep going down on your body. And they make me itch. I hate these bugs.

照片 2013-04-13 00.40.34照片 2013-04-13 00.40.11

After the first concrete is set, we keep working on our no.2 and no. 3. What we want to make sure is that two concrete foundations are line up perfectly. And they have to be level too. Just like this way, we set 4 foundations today. It is really a meaningful beginning and we will working harder to get this SHED done next Friday.

照片 2013-04-13 00.40.42

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