(Almost) Ready to Move

Studio V has completed most of our big pieces for the GAP Shed – walls, decks, rafters, beams, and foundations. The past 2 weeks have been extremely busy, with non-stop work to measure, cut, assemble, sand, and paint. Assembling the large pieces on site will be like putting together a giant puzzle. I am a little nervous about this. Let’s hope our puzzle pieces are a perfect fit!

The next important step in construction will be placing the foundations on site. In order to do so, we are hard at work trying to obtain our building permit. Numerous drawings, information sheets, and material specifications have been completed in the past 24 hours. I hope we have enough information to get approval from the building inspectors. Our time frame is extremely limited, and getting this permit by tomorrow is crucial. We hope to have at least 4 of our point foundations installed tomorrow, and all of them by Saturday.


While we wait for permits and forklifts, we have turned our attention tonight to the smaller pieces of the GAP Shed. Ashley and I visited Southern Lumber to buy lumber for our railings / counter support and wall trim. The load of wood was bigger than we expected! Trying to fit it all in her vehicle was a challenge. Once back at the shop, we cut and assembled all of the vertical supports for the counters.

Let’s hope this next week will go smoothly. It’s going to be a busy one.


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