Color Schemes

As some of our team began to put together the truss system for the roof over the weekend, I started to examine different color schemes that we could possibly use for the shade structure. Earlier in the design phase of our project, our client had mentioned about the possibility of incorporating the colors on the surrounding … Continue reading

The Roof The Roof is……ALMOST DONE!

So today was a big day! All the trusses and perlins got attached along with a couple of pieces of the corrugated metal roofing. While this was happening on site today Ashley and I stayed behind at the shop to do some more painting. We finished putting all the trim pieces together and laid out everything that … Continue reading

Raccoon Fur and Sweatshirt Gray

We have made good progress over the weekend. Our foundations are all made but two which are in cast now.  Walls have been puttied and sanded down. The first coat of paint went on the decks and the exterior walls today. We are planning on doing two coats of paint on everything. One at the … Continue reading