Raccoon Fur and Sweatshirt Gray


We have made good progress over the weekend. Our foundations are all made but two which are in cast now.  Walls have been puttied and sanded down. The first coat of paint went on the decks and the exterior walls today. We are planning on doing two coats of paint on everything. One at the shop and then the second once we get to to the site. Everything seems to be coming together quite nicely. But there is still a long list of things we need to get done before Friday.  We try to have fun and interesting even though Pastre does not always approve of the music aka backstreet boys station on Pandora! Music is a good thing in life it helps you relate to your own life and even makes you  remember the good ole days! Painting went by fairly quickly while I was doing the decks this morning but the exterior of the walls seemed to be a little more challenging. But we got the first coat done before night fall. The paint colors are really nice. I was a little worried that the  darker color was going to be too dark but the blue hint that it has really makes it pop. I can’t wait to see what the glossy affect will do to the paint. Only worry there is the possibility of it looking a little tacky but I’m sure Raccoon Fur will not let us down. Now that we are in this stage everything is starting to come out of the shop and you do not realize how much work has been done until you start to see it all laid out instead of packed into one side of the shop. The trusses were brought outside and laid against the fence ready to go. Then the decks were laid out to finish drying with the possibility of a second coat. Though to get the decks we had to move a truck to have a place to lay the decks.  Now on to the details of the sink table, counter tops, railings and doors, also the laying of foundation on site. We are suppose to start the moving process of the built materials on Friday or Saturday! IMG_4263 IMG_4268 IMG_4270

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