Paint and Flooring

Blog Post 6-Paint and Flooring

Today Studio V is finishing up the final welds to reinforce the chassis and starting to paint and frame the flooring of The CropStop. Welding has been a blast to learn and the chassis is going to look brand new after the fresh matted paint job. Nothing has stopped Studio V as most of the work takes place at the shop on studio time today. Studio V is constantly moving forward on the project. The construction documents are also complete with some finally window and door details to be figured out. One thing the whole Studio is worried about is the planned budget, sense none of the students have never worked with a real budget before the idea of having money is still foreign. The budget is taking the right steps to becoming a hard number and the wood and materials should start to fly in the shop soon.

Blog Post- Paint and Flooring Picture 2

 Southern Lumber is providing the wood that will be coming in today once we finish painting. Studio V plans on moving forward to the floor frame which will be to base of The CropStop. While this Friday is a perfect day, the day can fit in so much work, which means to finish the flooring we will have to work over the weekend. Studio V found out that working on the weekend isn’t half bad because of how the design- build program puts so much life and joy into the young designer in architecture school. Studio V finds this project not so much work but also as an accomplishment to see something we all designed coming to life on such a large scale as this project is.

Image Taken by: Nicholas Caro

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