Installation Continues

As you have seen, we have had a group to lay the floor and trailer the appliances out to John’s Island.  The wood grain vinyl flooring looks great with the Cypress trim that is throughout the structure.  As the floor and appliances have been placed, there has been a group of students working back a the shop to finish milling and cutting the trim that will be installed into Crop Stop 1 in the coming days.  Not only is the trim being worked on, but the insulated door for the walk in refrigerator is almost finished.  We have cut the stiles and rails to be a half-inch taller than the paneling that will be in between.  The next step in to stain the wood to match the existing out on site.  The stain we will be using is Olympic Maximum Cedar Natural tone.  This will protect the wood from the changes from moisture, minor scuffs, mold and mildew, as well as adding a darker, more relaxed feel inside the kitchen.  If you would like to see how to apply the stain that we will be using, click here.  As the new appliances, wood trimming, and door are being placed, it truly feels like the end is in sight for the students, but it is only the beginning for the space created.  I am so excited to finish what previous studios have started so that the local farmers and schools can start to use this space to further their lives.  We are blessed to have this opportunity to work on a project like this and I believe that is why our studio has been excited throughout the phase we have been a part of.  Below are pictures of the door and the stain that will be used throughout.  The cover picture is Lizete using the router to create a beveled edge on the trim.

2015020295163245 IMG_2122

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