Finishing Casing, Finishing the Door and Learning from Mistakes

This week we were finally able to complete the casing and the door, but as we did we learned some valuable lessons.

  • Lesson 1: Always check the levels of sawdust in the sawdust collector bags before staring work.
  • Lesson 2: Check the blade before cutting your wood, because someone might have used a different blade right before yous started……
  • Lesson 3: Add up and check your measurements before cutting, and don’t forget to add extra length for overhangs.
  • Lesson 4: You can stack together boards and run them through the planer together to save time. Wider boards help prevent twisting.

We started this week by milling our pieces for casing and the freezer door. We had one team working on the casing and the other on the door. We were putting large amounts of wood through the milling process and were able to get to the point where we worked faster and more efficient. However, it turned out that we didn’t take to the account some of the extra measurements and were running short on the length of some of the boards. We had to re-cut and put our pieces through the planer. As we did so, we noticed that the planer was blowing large pieces of sawdust out. It turned out that we forgot to check the the levels of dust, an the amount of dust was so large that it went through the separator ring and into the second bag…. After opening the bags the dust went everywhere and it took some time to clean it up; however, now we will never forget to check the dust bags again. After that, we learned how to round the edges of, and continued sanding finishing the edges of the casing. Finally, we finished the casing with a coat of stain. I can’t wait to finally install the casing and door in the upcoming days at CropStop1!                                                                                                                                      20150204_140610 20150204_152215 20150204_144555 20150204_141516 20150204_141419 20150202_150842 20150128_172000 20150202_150531 20150202_141629 20150128_144447 20150128_143825

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