What’s The Big Idea?

Since the onset of the semester we have been thinking, in the back of our minds, what the installation could possibly embody. Well…tomorrow we will all have our chance to present our burgeoning ideas in the first design charette. If you are not part of the design community and have never heard of a charette, the best way I can describe it is a comparison to a “royal rumble” of ideas. Anything from images to physical objects can be presented as an idea. Various sized ideas, in a squared circle, duking it out to be the inspiration going forward into the individual projects. So exciting it should be on television. We are all excited though, not just about the project, but about the worldwide implications our work will have. There is no pressure though, as we have a group full of cool-handed, hard working individuals. I imagine tomorrow, when we are putting ideas forth, we will have a resemblance to the picture, only a whole lot cooler.

Madison screaming ideas

Also, Happy Birthday Elise!!!!

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