On to the nuts and bolts…

Today Studio V got together for the first real design charrette of the semester.  This was our opportunity to really hammer out a clear set of goals and objectives that we think are essential for a successful design.  Our main objective is simple: to create something that enhances the visitors experience.  Along with this we came up with 20 goals which we believe are necessary in achieving the main objective.  Some are pretty obvious but still need to be stated, such as “needs to be structurally sound” and “completed on time”, while others begin to reveal more about what we want to achieve with the design itself, such as “modular”, “adaptive”, and “understated”.  We all agree that the one of the most important goals is that our design, whatever it turns out to be, should not distract from the artist’s work.

Next, we looked at the actual space of the Halsey.  With some photocopies of the floor plan of the Halsey and its immediate surroundings and a couple of pieces of trace paper we sketched and talked about vantage points, circulation, etc.  We talked about possible ways in which the visitor may view the exhibition as a whole (meaning not just Motoi’s salt installation but his drawings, paintings and video) and in which order it will be viewed.  Should our project help to guide the visitor or should it simply be an option for the visitor to use if they wish?  This is the kind of question which will be answered over the next week and a half as we do our own individual proposals.

Next, each person presented some of their own ideas about possibilities for the project.  This ranged everywhere from small details to larger conceptual ideas.  We looked at different ideas for modulation and a number of people brought examples of flat-packed furniture.  I spoke about the possibilities that might be found by looking at the Bailey Bridge system.  This was invented during WWII as a way to build bridges quickly, efficiently, and without the need of cranes or other heavy equipment.  Essentially, it is a modular truss system and I think it offers a lot of possibilities with a little tweaking.  This next week will be an important and exciting one as we begin our individual design proposals.  Keep an eye on the blog throughout the week to see what everyone is working on.

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