No let up!

Progress is being made but there is no time for slacking.  On the 1st of May, a rigging company comes to help us move our massive steel structure into the Halsey so there is no time for fooling around.  That gives us 11 days to finish building this thing.  Luckily, we are knocking things off [...]

The Steel Cometh

Greetings all!  The steel which constitutes our main structure has arrived and is patiently waiting in the  yard to be cut.  The arrival of the steel was not without drama with the truck driver backing into the gate of the shop.  But the steel was offloaded without any further problems.  Though I have always known that steel [...]

Decision Time

Greetings from Studio V!  It has been a somewhat tumultuous past few days for us here with some differing opinions concerning the basic look of our design.  Some of us believed that the basic concept and design language had been settled upon and all we had left was to figure out, in more detail, how this [...]

On to the nuts and bolts…

Today Studio V got together for the first real design charrette of the semester.  This was our opportunity to really hammer out a clear set of goals and objectives that we think are essential for a successful design.  Our main objective is simple: to create something that enhances the visitors experience.  Along with this we [...]