No let up!

Progress is being made but there is no time for slacking.  On the 1st of May, a rigging company comes to help us move our massive steel structure into the Halsey so there is no time for fooling around.  That gives us 11 days to finish building this thing.  Luckily, we are knocking things off of our list on daily basis.  You saw in Lerone’s last post that the outdoor structure was built and the stair stringer was assembled and now we have welded the stringer into place.  A less glamorous but vitally important task, the drilling of holes in our beams, has also been completed.  A previous post, mentioned that we succeeded in getting the placement of our holes correct and now we have drilled them out to their final size.  This doesn’t sound like much but it takes forever and, if i may say so, it completely sucks to do.  It goes on my list of least favorite things in the world to do.

So, we are into the weekend now and the goal is to have the entire steel structure welded together and assembled inside.  Everyone is pulling, at the least, 8 hours a day, everyday of the week at the moment.  We are all tired physically and mentally but every time we accomplish another goal our spirits are buoyed.  With another swig of my mountain dew I sign off and leave you with a few photos from the last few days.

The jig for getting our holes in the right place.


This is Big Bertha, our 17' beam. I am still trying to get the name to catch on.
This is the worst job in the world.


Lerone and Madison aligning the last fin. Later I had to cut it off because our structure was too tall to be able to move into position at the Halsey but a seminal moment nonetheless.
The fearless Lerone, without a moments hesitation, is the first to climb the stairs.


The stringer, in all its glory!

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