Tighten Up!

“Tighten up” is a phrase I first heard while working on a construction job site a few years ago. It typically means “work harder to get the job done.” As time winds down we must “tighten up”, not the kind Lucy is doing in the video below. Our pace must be steady… and productive.


We have to remember “steel is not candy”, we can’t eat it to complete our project.

Today was a non scheduled meeting day, but the show must go on, so we met before/between classes and worked. We welded, did some grinding, and a little assembly. Speaking of assembly, now that we have all the pieces cut, assembly and welding will proceed much more efficiently. Tomorrow and the next few weeks will be exciting as we will start assembling the main structure’s stairs and armatures. Things are moving quickly and before you know it we will be done.

We Weld

We Grind

We Assemble

   Surprisingly, the outside structure came together before our main structure. It didn’t happen without hiccups, but we pushed through them all. I am proud of our group. Now, all we have to do is add the minor finishing touches to it and transport it to Calhoun Street. Also, we know there is a natural inclination to climb, but not on this structure. Yes, the olympics are approaching, but this is not an olympic event! You will not win a medal for climbing up a piece of art. So, remember that this is for visual purposes only.

For Visual Purposes Only

Not For Climbing

Shutting Down and Signing Out-LeRone

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