We are evolving.


It looked almost impossible to make it right. But, we did it!!

At first, nobody took the outdoor proposal seriously. After we started to design it actually, it has been always pain in the ass. (Can I say it? If it is a really bad term, I am sorry.) Even after finalizing the design, nobody was sure how we can build it actually. But after getting lots of thoughts, considerations, discussions, and fixings, we found the way to do and learned from it. We made a number of templates, cut steel plates continuously, and welded endlessly. And, finally the real image of outdoor proposal is being shown to us. It is very thrilling moment during tiresome and boring working.

In addition, we drilled the holes in main beam by our hands. Honestly, I didn’t believe we can be exact for it because it was the one we wanted to get it done by a machine from a firm. We still cannot assure everything is perfect but it looks right. I felt that it shows we are getting better at working gradually.

We are evolving…

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