Decision Time

Greetings from Studio V!  It has been a somewhat tumultuous past few days for us here with some differing opinions concerning the basic look of our design.  Some of us believed that the basic concept and design language had been settled upon and all we had left was to figure out, in more detail, how this thing was actually put together but as we were flushing these ideas out, a new idea was proposed.  In a few peoples view this new proposal drastically changes the overall feel and language of the design, for the others it offers a solution to some of the difficulties and gives the visitors a different experience as they enter the gallery.  Both are valid views and the studio has struggled in the last day to come to a consensus on how to proceed.  It is important to make a decision quickly as Friday is our final design presentation and a lot of work needs to be done.

Tuesday evening it was decided, after another attempt to come to a consensus failed, that both ideas would be presented to Mark Sloan tomorrow at the beginning of studio and he would decide.  I think that this sits well with everyone as he is our client and we want to give him and Motoi something that they are happy with.  Once the decision is made we can all take a breath and then begin to put together our presentation.  So, I think it is fair to say, that regardless of what direction we go it will be a series of long nights until Friday.  But that is nothing new.  This is architecture school and we are all used to the pain that seems to go hand in hand with design.

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