It’s in the Details

The decision has been made! After meeting with Mark Sloan, the curator and ultimately our client for the project, we have choosen to move forward with the original scheme. The two schemes were modeled and shown one on top of the other (literally two projectors stacked on top of eachother) and each group took turns explaining why they made the changes that they did to the design. Once each team finished, Mark asked that one person from each group basically battle it out with each other explaing why their scheme should be choosen and why their fellow classmates’ should not. There was definately some tension in the air, but after much debate and discussion Mark felt that by revealing the stairs the visitor would know exactly where to go in order to get the best view of the artists’ work.  After solving some of the detailing challenges we were unsure of with our original design, it became clear that continuing with the first scheme was the best move.

It didn’t take long to forget about the alternative scheme (and I was initially in favor of it), although it was very interesting and created a very minimalist look. With less than two days left before our next review, the studio understands the importance of moving forward with the original scheme. Almost immediately we chalked up what had to be accomplished for the review and divvied out tasks. We are know in production mode working like a machine in order to create the best experience possible for the visitors viewing Motoi’s work.

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