Although we were quite busy, each one of us has made big breakthrough on our research at last weekend. Before that, we are not sure about where to start and narrow down the topic.

Take me as an example, when I was going through the GAP checklist files, I found it was covering a wide range of general background but lacks of sufficient details related back to the design of our project. Then I tried to expand the search range and I found the website of South Carolina Department of Agriculture. I got two useful documents which provides “Guidelines for Food Processors” and “Guidelines for Food Storage Warehouses”.

From those I have gained a basic knowledge about some specific information on interior materials, storage temperature and drainage system. For instance, Floors shall be constructed of easily cleanable and reasonably smooth material. They shall be kept clean and in good repair. Perishable and potentially hazardous food shall be stored at a Temperature (45 degrees or lower) in keeping with good trade practices to insure that food is safe and fit for human consumption. Floor drains shall have effective traps or screens to prevent the entrance of rodents and insects through drainage lines.

Those information benefit our further design a lot. Partners are passionate for an in-depth study. I hope the first presentation with our clients’ participation goes very well on Friday.


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