Getting Connected

1195427229986809443johnny_automatic_vegetables.svg.hiOn Monday we met in order to further talk about the research we are doing. We are really seeing how much overlap there is between all these different parts. Communication is key. Over the past couple of days I will randomly get GAP standards emails from You if he believes they can help me in any way. He even gave me a printout in studio the other day. All without me even asking. If I come across some thing material wise for the counters or have an idea I shoot Ashley a quick little email to see what she thinks or if the material could be added to the possible list.  We are steadily working and trying to devour as much information as we possibly can in order to have the best understanding of the subject to not only prepare for Friday’s review but to be able to help later in the design processes. When we met Professor Pastre’s  wife came in to hope direct us in a better way to setting up a layout for us to use. It helped a lot with colors and fonts that we are now trying to use. Now we are trying to figure out what could be studio v’s identity or logo. We all have different personalities and coming together we give the studio its own identity. We may not even be full aware of what out identity is but we can make a stab at it to see what we come up with. As we were playing with colors some where to bright, too “animal barn”, or too dark. We  finally came up with a color scheme that was just farmy enough but still had good appeal to the eye.  Now to insert all of our information and get ready to show off our wealth of knowledge on Friday.

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