A Busy Day

This is a supper busy day, we just have less than 24 hours before the small group review. In past weekend, we took a long time to talk about the suitable style roof. As we known, different people have totally different ideas about the same issue. Fortunately, we made an agreement in the last minute.

In fact, we have a clear concept of this project. It includes two different part, one is the GAP show, the other is a connective pathway “ Ma” which links the field to the front of the shed, a communal space, and a divider bisecting the principles of work and rest. In order to have a good and clear presentation on time, we break down the whole work. Each partner picks up one part which he/she enjoys it. For me, I just choose diagrams. I attempt to select graphic language to explain our idea instead of boring text. However, some concepts or terms look simple, they are hard to describe in drawing. I hope my diagrams could interpret our idea.

functional analysis final

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