We Got This!




Its crunch time! With the review less than 48hours away we are all super busy trying to get everything done and done well. Some issues have arose along this path we are taking but we are working forward. Since deciding on a floor plan everything else seemed to fall into place pretty easily until the roof. After very long deliberation and many trail and errors my group’ team “ma”, has finally come up with a roof system that we are all happy with. As easy as picking a roof may seem, it is hard when you have four designers who all have their  own style and concepts which they like. We all like different styles of buildings so a roof system that fits all our seem of style  is a tough but good accomplishment.


Sketchup has been our best friend throughout the process of picking a roof. We saw several roof systems online and in books that we liked and when we sketched it, it looked like it could work. But once you inserted it on top of our building with the right parameters they would look awful or would interfere with our wall panels. So it stopped us from moving to far forward with any one idea that was not working on the model how we saw fit it should. And when we found a roof that looked decent and we all agreed it was a weight lifted off our shoulders.




Thanks to Yuixang we have the layout for our boards planned out. We have also decided what images and drawings that we want to have on the boards for Wednesday. So the next part was breaking up the tasks which split up pretty evenly across the board. But a lot of pieces are very intertwined and dependent on each other. That’s why we have all been working to get the computer model finished so that we will all be working from the same direction and with the right dimensions. Now its time to buckle down and get it done by our curfew of 11pm Tuesday night.


Finally We’ve All  Agreed and Are One Big Happy Family Again 😉

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