More Roofs and Such

While we did not have studio today, Studio V met as a group to further advance our design for the shed.  Things we wanted to look more at included materials, the ROOF, and how the counter spaces would operate, especially the island in the middle.  In terms of materials, we were specifically looking at the east and west facades.  This includes the sliding doors, the exterior of the counter spaces, and the walls of both the refrigeration unit and the resting area.  One idea we are playing with is having horizontal slats covering the bottom half (where the counter is) of the cleaning area.  Although we are not sure of the material yet, it would most likely be a wood, metal, or fiberglass.  Then we were thinking that we would have two large, 4 x8 sliding panels.  The bottom half of these would be horizontal slats as well, but they would work in a way where they would be placed in the negative areas of the counter slats.  This way, when the sliding door is moved in front of the cleaning area, sunlight nor wind would be able to penetrate the space, because the opposing slats edges would be flush with one another.  The top half of the sliding panels would be a solid material, because our thinking is that if you are moving the doors to cover the cleaning area, you are doing so to completely stop the elements from entering.  For the exterior of the refrigeration unit, the general consensus is a corrugated metal facade.

Again we spent a lot of time on the roof, and from Professor Pastre’s post earlier, you can probably tell that we have been struggling with it.  And again, we are still playing with a couple ideas, which we are going to bring to Professor Pastre tomorrow during studio.  We definitely narrowed down our options to include what we think are the best ones, and most include a three-roof system to account for the three main spaces of the shed.


Finally, in terms of the counter area, we have a couple of ideas.  For the side counters, we definitely want at least a little bit of space to hang things above the counter.  Whether this is slats, panels, or even just a long, slim horizontal member, we are still deciding.  For the island, we still believe a central drain would be best.  It would be nice to be able to move the island if needed (for cleaning), but we are still working out the details on that to see if it would work.

So all in all, while there is still a lot of work to do, I believe we are in good postion for the review on Friday.

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