Crunch Time!!!

We met as a studio today in order to talk more about the roof. We had some helpful insight from Ray Huff about how many of our ideas can get complicated for us to build let alone some one with no design experience. Then we came to the realization that one roof is the best and with as much repetition as possible so it’s simpler to construct. We had decided on a very shallow curve but as Prof Pastre looked further into it, when we broke up into groups to start working on products for the review, it proved to be a little more complicated than expected. So now we have taken it one more step to doing a small sloped roof. It proved decent overhangs which are of great necessity.  When we broke up into groups I began to look at the track system that we would use on the sliding door panels on the east and west. I first looked into kits made for barn doors but that hardware gets expensive, so i looked at the next best thing a substitute. I looked into tracks made for other things such as garage doors or closet doors. The problem with the closet tracks are they aren’t very durable for the elements, Then the problem with garage door tracks is you can mainly only find extensions or full kits in which run very expensive and gives us a lot of extra useless materials. So I took it another step. What if we made it ourselves? I looked into many different barn door track systems. I really like the flat look while still showing the wheel. It gives it a great esthetic. And then we can use the same flat piece for the track as well as the flat bar in order to attach the door to the wheel. It keeps it simple but it looks sexy and beautiful. Great benefits you can decide your own lengths of doors, height of door from the floor, and space between the track and door.  This allows for everyone to make the door the way that fits them best. Downfall is we have to drill through the metal to make the connections. Now you might be thinking why is that a challenge? Well for us it is not because we have a shop at our disposal but the average person could possibly not have the required equipment so might have to fall back on one of the previous ideas that don’t work absolutely well or just cost more.

Thensteel-flat at the end of studio we started to define wSteelwheelhat everyone was working on. Ashley, John, and myself tried to iron out some details. We talked a lot about materials and tried to at least give some type of material to everything for now at least as a place holder until we can either come up with a better idea or our idea gets shut down.  Also in some of the details in how counters are held up and the doors fit together.   I have been trying to figure out a rough amount of how much of each material we will need. This will allow me to look at some prices of materials in order to get a rough estimate of where we stand at the moment. We do not expect the number to be exact but possibly in the ball park of where we are heading.

We still have a lot of work to do in order to have a great presentation for Friday. Wish Us Luck.

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