We have been working hard these days to try to get all the things done before the final due day. I'm glad with the work in workshop. it is way much more better than sitting infront of the computer. Only one thing that, everyday When I come back home after building SHED In work shop, my [...]

Open Source Architecture

I have been holding on to this nugget for a few weeks now. Jon Thompson of Thompson Young Design turned me on to this TED Talk after he sat in on one of our early design reviews. Jon has been a great critic in the past three reviews he has been involved in, and I [...]


After working for a month separately, our studio v finally become one group again. Andtoday we are trying to get our team working in a same floor plan and a certain reasonable structure. We worked the whole Friday afternoon, and everyone try to come up with a practical idea. It was a long afternoon, I'm [...]

Studio V – Spring 2013

Welcome to the CAC.C Studio V blog.  This blog will be updated daily by the students and professor of Studio V as a way to document our design/build process, and keep all those who may be interested in our progress of the semester’s project informed. STUDIO V focuses on architecture and tectonics, particularly the relationship [...]


The theme of studio, GAP (good agriculture practice) is very interesting. It is not only an architecture project, but also an agriculture research. It will be a part of inter-discipline subject. However, we have few experience of this area. Today, we met with our studio partner Prof. Harry Crissy who works with Clemson University’s Institute for Economic [...]