Three Tomatoes with Shadows

As we start our research we still do not know exactly what is needed by the client. Later this afternoon we as a studio will meet the client for the first time. It is exciting to be able to ask the questions: What would you like out of the project? What are the main components that you would like to see built into this processing unit?How big does he believe it should be? Does he like the idea that it could be moved around easily? What kind of farm does he have?   The client will hopefully be able to elaborate on the GAP standards. Like for instance is this still a processing and storage facility for the produce or does it need to include a sanitizing station for the workers as well. When processing the produce what is the average size of the dump tank (gets most the debris off), and the washing, rinsing. and sanitizing sinks. About how much counter space if any does he believe we will need to accommodate for. The main question would be to ask him the exact process he goes through when processing his product and what type of cooling system for storage is the best? Elaborating on that are there alternative ways to the cooling process that we could explore in the design? Even though not all of our studio will be able to attend this first meeting it is still exciting to be able to get some feedback from the client. Can’t wait to meet the client. 🙂

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