Everyone Loves a Snow Day!

The snow day has pushed back our review from Wednesday until Friday. A few of us met with David yesterday to discuss our designs and what we should change before Friday. As much as everyone loves a snow day or two, we are on such a tight schedule that it will be hard to make this up. Either we can cut short one of the design phases or we can really push ourselves to get the construction documents done. Neither is a good option. Shortening the design phase could keep us from finding the best solution. Shortening the construction document phase could lead to mistakes in the drawing and potential setbacks in the construction of the project because corrections must be made.

In other news, we have located a mobile home chassis to build on. While we haven’t decided 100% that this is the way that we are going to construct our home, it is a relief to know that this option is so readily available.

mobile home


Here is a great example of  a beautiful building built on a mobile home chassis.

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