Enough delays, must keep moving forward…

This week’s winter weather more or less shut this city down.  Even so, myself and the others have continued to work diligently in preparing for a review.  I think I can speak for everybody when I say we cannot wait to move forward so that we can keep the ball rolling.  Tomorrow’s review is an exciting one, because we will be viewing a wide range of design concepts, each one is sure to be unique in its own way.  Through the feedback and some of our own deliberation, we will be able to point out things that work and things that don’t.

It will then be time to team up into small groups and choose a direction.  It may be that although my current concept is using the trailer chassis, that in the next step my partner and I could be working on a design strictly of cargo containers, or maybe some kind of mixture.  We really just don’t know.

I am excited to hear what everybody has to say, so that a clearer picture will begin to emerge.  Last review was very helpful, and had minimal conflicting issues.  It is my guess that since the last review people have had the time to further look at what we did in phase 1(research).  It is likely that they will come this time with much to say, and it will surely set the stage for a well engaged conversation.  Can’t wait!

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