Inspiration From One’s Peers

Individial Design Presentation

There is always a feeling of nerves and excitement when it comes to the first design review. Even after 4-1/2 years of having countless reviews, it is always great to see what others have come up with. This is the beauty that is a design review. It is a place where all our thoughts and considerations are showcased, while sharing inspiring ideas with our fellow classmates. Every project that was presented had potential in its design, ranging from layout to material to form. From this review, there were two design styles that were easily noticed; the straight chassis and the multi-module.

Both styles have their advantages and disadvantages. With the straight chassis, the kitchen layout it very straight forward, no pun intend! The galley style, straight and narrow layout allows for the most efficient way to lay out the equipment and use it. However, one disadvantage is that all of the space is in a straight line, in one form. That is where the multi-module design has an advantage. Instead of having an overall space, the multi-module design allows for more flexibility when it comes to grouping programs. There can be a hot room, cold room, prep-room, community room, etc. However, the disadvantage to this layout is that the program is broken up, so the efficient, linear workspace is broken and may reduce effectiveness if not designed well.

Overall, the review brought out some amazing ideas and moving forward with two teams, the results should be amazing! If you are interested in seeing our design review presentation, click the link below!

Studio V Individual Design Presentation

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