Back to the drawing board

The group design phase is underway, and both groups are off to a great start. In our group, we are focused on making one single structure that extends along the chassis base. The challenge for us is to create depth in a long, linear volume. To achieve this, we are experimenting with ways of arranging the program so that it creates some interesting solid-void relationships. We’re also exploring materiality and skin conditions. We are curious to see how we can use a selective material palette to create dynamic facades that add character to the structure. Our group is particularly fond of incorporating corrugated metal and wooden slats, but we are still researching and exploring possibilities.

As we start this next phase of design, we’ve looked for inspiration in the work of other designers such as Glenn Murcutt. Murcutt’s buildings are often long, horizontal structures that achieve depth and beauty from their detailing and material application. His buildings are great precedents for us to study as we develop our concept. But though materiality and detailing are important aesthetic features, there are also the technical aspects that we will need to consider. Heating vents, fans, utilities, and water control are all things we will need to address through our design. The coming week will be a constant cycle of  brainstorming, research, discussion, and drawing, but that’s what makes the process so exciting and fun!

A building by Glenn Murcutt

A building by Glenn Murcutt

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