Construction documents are due today for redline. After drawing and re-drawing this kitchen again and again I can picture the whole thing, down to the nails and screws. Having the builders (Studio V) draw the plans is a big help. Hopefully we won’t have to refer to the plans for anything but the fine details; however, we need to make a thorough and easy to understand set of construction documents for the future CropStop builders to go by. We won’t be involved with every CropStop that will be built in the future and our documents need to clearly lay out the building for those builders.

Never having had to draw construction documents before, the whole studio has been studying the construction documents of past Studio V projects to try and grasp what we need to do. We have a pretty good idea of what needs to be shown, but I’m sure as soon as we show them to Ray Huff and our professor David Pastre that we will have another 101 things that need to be changed.

Oh, also, spring break is next week. The chassis is going to be moved for its current location in North Charleston to the woodshop off North King Street. The man  who is moving it will also be leveling the foundation at the wood shop as well as moving the completed project out to it’s home at Sweetgrass Garden. Have a great Friday!


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