Refreshed and ready

Our spring break is now over and I think I can say at least for myself that I needed every bit of it.  It was great to relax for a short while.  Our studio has been pretty much full throttle the entire first half of the semester.  I’m sure the trend will continue into the building phase.

During the “break” we had the trailer chassis delivered to the shop where we have already begun to refurbish.  We plan to make the frame look like new with a little work, as well as adding the further reinforcement that is needed.  By the end of the week it should be clean and painted so that we may start building on it.

Our studio was also able to produce a mock-up exterior corner detail (pictured).  It’s nice to do these mock-ups to get a closer look at what something will look like while we can still make little changes if needed.  There was a little adjustment and some notes made, but overall we liked what we all saw.  Please note that the mock-up model is to get a basic idea, and thus materials may not be true, in full, to what is actually planned, particularly the corrugate type.

Have a great week!

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