The Value of Teamwork


Teamwork is something that can come easily or hard to a group of people. We have all experienced working with a team that was either too lazy or too opinionated, or just didn’t have the right chemistry. I am happy to say that this studio v team far exceeds my expectations every time we have to press the grindstone. Being the only graduate student in the group, I look at what everyone is capable of in this studio and I know that it will be a breeze for these undergrads if they continue to graduate school. The amount of work and determination they display is only matched by their coolness and keeping things fun. These are huge qualities in a profession where stress is a common thing and collaboration is even more common.

For an example of our group dynamic, let me describe yesterday’s studio. We had Nolan, Jamie, Chris, and Nick and geared up to get the trailer chassis ready. They had masks, eye protection, thick gloves, and brushes and grinder, and they went to town! Almost completing the whole chassis in a studio, two brushed as two grinder and the results were great. While that was going on, Prof. Pastre and Paul were working on the mock up and cut steel pieces to prepare for the next steps. While that was going on, Shawn and I were in the shop, drawing construction documents and figuring out the details of the project. This seems all well and good, but what impressed me, and it may seem mundane, but no complained about what they were doing. No one complained about grinding, or drawing, or cutting, we were all working towards a common goal. And with that type of attitude, a lot of work can be done!

I’m excited for us to continue on and even though the next 3 weeks are going to be intense, the result will be worth it!

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