The Craft of Looking Good

We are now getting to the phase of the project where the amount of time vs. work done seems to be slowing down. However, this is only how it seems, where in actuality, we are being much more focused on the detail and craftsmanship of the pieces we are applying to the project. When framing and sheathing, you can rip and nail and pry the wood and not really care because it will be covered eventually by a nice finish and cladding. So, we are now attempting to really make a great looking project, considering everything from the stain to the screw holes.


It is worth the time and effort, because the results are really beautiful to put it simply. The straightness of the screws, the rich stain that brings out the grain of the cypress, the literal “nickel” gap of the boards, it is really extraordinary. I am very proud to be apart of making this kitchen a reality, because people will see this and really see the amount of work we have all put into it. The long weekends, late studios, and stress, all worth it when you step back and look at even the simplest of detail.


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