Saturday Night’s Alright

But this morning sure wasn’t. Chris, Nick, Professor Pastre and I had planned to start the day with putting up the first wall of metal. However, after our first attempt at application we found many issues with the way the wall had been built. Furring strips were not placed correctly, trim boards did not fit flush on the corners, and the top and bottom trim lengths needed adjustment.


We stripped everything down, remeasured our distances, and went through the lengthy process of correcting each faulty component. During this time we also realized we would need to place insulation between the furring strips on this wall to improve the performance of the cooler.


After fixing all of our errors and reassessing our panel alignments, we managed to get the entire wall completed. What was meant to take thirty minutes ended up taking almost six hours to complete, but the details of our project are worth spending more time to ensure they are done right. I think the end product speaks for itself.


As this was going on, Jamie and Joel worked on leveling out the floors of the interior spaces to prepare them for the vinyl. Harry Crissis joined our work force today and hopped on board with these guys. The utility closet floors have already been installed, but the Quikcrete mix laid in other parts of the kitchen has to dry before vinyl can be laid.



Meanwhile, Paul and Nolan were busy at their usual post of applying cedar in the dogtrot. They completed as much of the ceiling boards as they could (the rest have to wait until after electrical is run) and then moved on to the siding. This is another area of the project that requires meticulous attention to detail. The gaps between the siding, ceiling boards, and deck boards all need to match and align in order to have the desired effect of a continuous band of wood. Paul and Nolan have been doing a great job of ensuring this vision is reached. Once again, the results are pretty spectacular.




As majors pieces started coming together towards the end of the day, we were all getting excited. Finally seeing at least some portion of the project in a finished state has given us more motivation to continue pushing forward. With the review less than a week away, it will take all of us putting forth our best effort to get the project in a presentable state. No matter how it looks next Friday, one thing is certain: this thing is going to be insanely sweet when it’s finished.

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