It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Blog Post 5-It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Studio V is almost at the half-way point of the commercial kitchen project. Like a marathon runner, the studio started fast out of the gate. The design process was fast and they were no limit to the ideas. In the small group design the pace slowed down just a little and the program was defined. With everyone in studio working on one single design the pace slowed down even more to combine the functions of the kitchen. Now working in the construction document phase, it is clear to see the studio has hit a plateau. The design is in the final stage and the detailing is refining the appearance of the kitchen. Everyone in studio is working to get the construction documents approved by the client, structural engineer, and county building permit office.

 Like the classic tale of the tortoise and the hare,  the studio project is slowly moving to the finish line making sure all of the design is correct and never taking a break. As the studio has learned the key to great design is to keep moving forward, no matter if faced with a difficult door way or bathroom position. The answer to all design questions will become clear after many short effective detail studies. Once Studio V gets the approval on the construction documents this tortoise will get some wheels and the build phase of the project will move very quickly. Professor Pastre has scheduled to start ordering materials over the next week, and to start building the following week.

 With the finish line almost in sight it is important for studio v to be meticulous toward the construction documents. If the studio tries to cut corners it can cost both money and time for the project. Sight increase in the pace of the project but also the constant movement forward is key to the project. Understanding the project is a marathon and not a sprint will allow for a well efficient design with high craft.

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