Down to the Nitty Gritty


This Monday we continued to produce, examine, and refine our construction documents. We took an in depth look at things such as how our facade will attach to our exterior walls, corner details, as well as roof framing details, and how it will meet the walls. The team has also been refining the budget by calculating the exact square footage of each of our elements. Once we have the square footage of each element (i.e. walls, floors, etc.) we will be able to address what finish or treatment each surface will receive and how each will affect our budget.

We were scheduled to meet with local structural engineer, Mr. John Moore, who has been gracious enough to volunteer his time to meet with and help us through this phase of the design. Unfortunately, Mr. Moore was feeling under the weather, and we have rescheduled to meet with him on Wednesday. The team looks forward to presenting our construction details to him, in order to receive his feedback and adjust accordingly.

Though construction documents may not seem as exciting as the design process, it is all important. It is fascinating because it forces you to think on an entirely different scale  about the small details, which in the end, will really make the building and design stand out.

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