Our kitchen has a home

Sangaree Homes & RV Center

Sangaree Homes & RV Center


On Saturday, the studio made our war to Sangaree Homes & RV’s, where our mobile chassis is located. We completed the demo work from last week and now our kitchen has it’s base. Check it out:


The stripped chassis base

The stripped chassis base


Alright, it may not look like much now, but in a short two months there will be a fully constructed kitchen on it. How crazy to think that this semester is almost halfway over! There are lots of details to refine this week as we prepare to submit construction documents for approval. But our studio still found time for some much needed R&R this weekend, courtesy of Sweetgrass Gardens.

Sweetgrass is the site where our prototype kitchen will be placed. Saturday afternoon, they held a fundraiser for a proposed barn they are going to be building in the near future. The event was a huge success. Dozens of people gathered on the farm to converse, enjoy some authentic low country cuisine, dance to the bluegrass band, and even get the 411 on raising bees!


Guests enjoy the beautiful Saturday afternoon at Sweetgrass

Guests enjoy the beautiful Saturday afternoon at Sweetgrass

The band kept it lively with great music

The band kept it lively with some great music


It’s incredible to see the amount of support this community has for the program, and to know that the work we are doing is going to positively affect so many people. This weekend put a new perspective on the project – it is no longer just drawings on paper, but it is becoming something tangible that will have a lasting impact. It will be important to remember this week as the pressure ramps up to get our documents submitted on time!

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