Soffit Up Some Things

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Over the weekend Studio V made a lot of strides forward in the project. It started with getting all of the cypress wood, metal dip edge on the roof, and treated 2×4 for the furring strips. The roof was papered on Thursday and furring strips were being applied on Friday. Over the weekend much time was spent in the shop milling down all the cypress wood for the decking, roof soffit, dogtrot ceiling, and porch ceiling. After milling all the wood down to its final ¾” thickness, most of the roof soffit and ceiling pieces needed to be run thou the table saw to make the tongue and grove joint. We have also started to apply a single coat of natural sealer to all the cypress wood.

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As the second to last week of the semester starts the soffit and ceiling will be installed along with the exterior corner details. Hopefully by the middle to end of the week we will have the exterior metal into the shop.

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This is major crunch time for the studio project and we will work tirelessly to finish this project. The project has really become more than just a project it become a part of studio v and we take no pressure if the project is incomplete. Yesterday, Studio V had a casual Sunday cookout to wrap up a long day of work.

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We all sat and talked about how we have gotten faster at the full scale construction attitude. As Professor Pastre stated it we have started to change from being told what to do, to being able to see what needs to be done and do it. We all can see our hard work paying off by the end of the semester.

Images Credits : Nicholas Caro

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